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What Readers Say

"I found it just a little too easy to get lost in the story that Ghosts in the Yew was telling, which to me, is one of the greatest signs of a good story and author.” 

– The Arched Doorway

The Vesteal Series

The Vesteal Series has sold over twelve thousand hardcover copies through hard-earned convention and book fair hand sales.

Fifteen books long, the completed series has been published into three omnibus collections, The Ghosts in the YewNative Silver, and The Vastness. The stop-motion movie production of Beyond the Edge can be found here.

Now the story is moving online with cover art by Hugo award-winning artist, Elizabeth Leggett. 

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Blake Hausladen selling books in Times Square, NYC

Meet the Author: 

Blake Hausladen

Armed with an English degree from Ripon College and an MBA from Chicago’s Stuart School of Business, Blake has thrived for over two decades in the shadowed back-office realms of the financial industry.

After graduate school and a seven-year run as Chief Compliance Officer for a Chicago-based hedge fund, Blake was a founding member of two high-tech startup firms that specialized in the surveillance of communication and trade order records. 

He currently solves financial crimes in Chicago during the day and gives life to wild fantasies during the blackest hours of the night.

Ghosts in the Yew Hardcover book

Ghosts in the Yew

Ghosts in the Yew is the story of the rebirth of a nation born upon the back of four people banished to a land laid low by dark magic and murder.

The dark forest hid them from their destroyers, the fading spirits wept for a century at their murder, and the priests rewrote the songs and rhymes until the world forgot them. The conquerors abandoned their tired watch and rebuilt the world for themselves.

When even the mapmakers could not remember the conquered, the empire sent the last thing it should have into those forsaken lands.

Ghosts forget nothing, so when the blood of their enemy returned, they woke, their revenge at hand.

Native Silver Hardcover book

Native Silver

The second Omnibus Collection to the Vesteal Series continues the stories of Leger, Barok, Geart, and Dia, who must face war, death, and damnation in their fight against the empire and the designs of a hateful god.

As they struggle to survive, the isolated people of Enhedu will confront more than the wrath of the Zoviyan Empire and the unknowable servants of a dark power. They will travel to places where the mapmakers have lied and the words of the Spirits are a dim and dusty memory.

They must strike into the darkness and carve from the empire all those that would do them harm, including their own. While around them, princes and men covet a divine throne.

The Vastness Hardcover book

The Vastness

The Vastness is the third and final omnibus collection to the Vesteal Series. The Vastness takes us deep into the capital of Bessradi, following the chaos of Native Silver, where new magic is emerging. A girl who lives inside her head with numbers becomes the center of a vast rebellion, while far to the north blood is valued more than gold.

A riot of colorful magic has replaced the once monochromatic songs of Zoviya's priests. The wardens and overseers are dead. The laws that confined men to one place and master have been swept aside, and the provinces have declared their independence. 

Meanwhile, children all across Zoviya wake with unchecked powers. The time of old men and old religions has come to an end.

The Atlas

Mapmakers lie and their patrons have agendas.
The Vesteal Series includes many original maps, not all of which agree. 

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